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Border Consultancy


Allsorts Toy Library

Border Consultancy were contacted in Summer 2017 to assist Allsorts to identify, negotiate terms, and secure lease for a new toy library in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Key Facts

  • Allsorts is an inclusive community in which families with children with additional needs feel supported, included and able to contribute.
  • Working with over 300 families across Gloucestershire, Allsorts provides specialist activities for children, parents and carers, and whole families.

How We Advise

A property suitable for Allsorts was identified, and negotiations commenced, eventually securing the space.

In addition, Border Consultancy undertook the design of the space, procured and managed the refurbishment works, ensuring the space matched the needs of Allsorts.

The grand opening was carried out recently and was incredibly well supported. Being able to see the space being used was as humbling as it was satisfying.

The thought and consideration by Border Consultancy into the design regarding the children’s additional needs has been exceptional. We have had numerous comments from parents about how warm and safe the space feels and that their children can’t wait to come. One child who really struggled to come to the Toy Library before has even said that now he just doesn’t want to leave!

Andrew Voss, Toy Library Manager